Seekbar - can I have it appear on specific slides | not all slides

I'd like to use the seekbar feature on the slides that play video. However, I don't want a seek bar on slides that doen't require the user to "seek" anything (eg. course title page, summary page, etc...)

Can I get the seek bar to appear on selected slides? If so, how do I get it to disappear, or how to I remove it from the other slides?

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Amy Schuster

I am loving the new conditional seekbar, but I am just wondering if there is any way to have one video with a seekbar that is restricted to first time must watch and another that is free. I have set the default player to the restricted where they can use the seekbar after the first viewing, but I have some videos that are not "required". They can are to help learners pinpoint their errors. I have tried the slide player option but it only has a check mark or uncheck mark the seekbar. 

Lauren Connelly

Amy, I'm happy to hear that you're loving the conditional seekbar! I agree it's a perfect addition!

 Right now, the properties of the conditional seekbar are set for the entire course. As a workaround, you could use branching to jump to slides with media that the user wants to view.

If anyone has workarounds for a similar scenario, don't hesitate to share in this discussion! 

Amy Schuster

That's what I'm doing. The user only chooses to go to those videos but what I would like is if they only need to see a small part of that video for them to be able to then skip to the section they need. I have 6 videos in this storyline and the first two they must watch. The last six I wanted them to be able to just skip to the exact point in the video that they needed. On the last ones they are basically they're putting what they learned in practice so I want them to only have to see what they need in the video. So I wanted those videos to just be a quick reference for them. each of those videos is only about a minute in length but it would still be nice if they could find what they needed to find. I teach in a k-12 school and so think of it as basically the first two videos are a lesson then they put it in practice (in accounting)  and the last four videos each one is the solution for a different problem. So I wanted them to be able to just jump to the part of the solution they were struggling with and be able to watch it.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Amy!

I understand exactly what you're looking for. I appreciate you explaining this as well!

It's clear where this feature would be a great addition to your project and I'm happy to report that we are still documenting feature requests for the conditional seekbar to be edited on a slide by slide basis rather than for the entire project. 

I'll go ahead and add your comments to our active report! If there is additional information that you would like me to add, feel free to reply to this discussion!

Allyncia Williams

I truly hope this will be fixed. The seekbar isn't something anyone would want on every slide. It is for animations or video so having extra controls on the seekbar is essential to ensuring the enduser can follow the information instead of just skip everything and fail on the post test. Please fix this. I did follow tips to add the seekbar just to the video slide but would really like to have the control set at play without dragging until it was completed. 

Thanks so much, A-Team!