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Crystal Horn

Hi Abhishek!  The seekbar's behavior is set at the player properties level, and once it is chosen (read-only or allow scrubbing), that is how it will behave on every slide.

You can vary what your player includes from slide to slide.  This article about adjusting slide properties explains how you can show or hide player features in each slide.  So you can't exactly change the behavior of the seekbar, but you could choose to hide it altogether on certain slides.

Crystal Horn

I'm sorry I didn't clarify, Abhishek.  You can't make the seekbar read-only on certain slides.  You can only hide it.  Once you have set the seekbar feature in the Player Properties, that will apply to all slides.

I can see that it is an important function that you would like in order to improve the control you have over your course.  I encourage you to make a feature request with our development team to let them know about it!