Seekbar functionality

Jun 18, 2014


In my current Storyline project I've done screen capture videos and have a separate audio file that narrates the video. The only issue I'm experiencing is when I use the 'seekbar' to skip around, the video changes but the audio keeps going. I'm wondering if anyone knows a good workaround for this? Why does the seekbar change the video and not the audio? Is there a way to tie it to the timeline of the slide rather than the video on that slide? 

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jesse,

It might be how the audio was inserted, or if there are any triggers applied to that audio. For example, if you insert audio directly to a slide and add no triggers, the slide should control the audio along with the timeline. However, if there are triggers tied to that audio the audio will display differently in the timeline and it may not be controlled by the seekbar.

If you're still having trouble with this, please share your .story file here. Perhaps we could take a look and see what's happening with the project. 



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