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El Burgaluva

Hi, Lynne

I'm afraid I don't have a solution for you. More of a +1.  :(     It never seems to work for me, either. One of the guys on my team worked out you have to click on the grey-ish "amount of audio" section (hmmm... not a very good explanation!) and then click the Replay Loop button. Totally counter-intertuitive and, I believe, a bug.

Support: Is this a known issue?


Phil Mayor

Ensure you have your slide set to initial state or it may reset to saved state, also if you are using variables they will not reset on the slide n unless you have triggers to do this

never really encountered a problem with this one.

mine an El's experiences appear as different as chalk and cheese

El Burgaluva

Further to this issue...

As Phil correctly points out, this happens if the slide is set to "Resume Saved State".

But the (lack of?) functionality here needs to be addressed. The Replay button should be independent of  and override the Resume Saved State setting. It seems entirely counter-intuitive to me; if that seekbar is showing, I should be able to hit that Replay button and have the audio (or animations or whatever) start again.

Don't get me wrong, I like the Resume Saved State functionality a lot, but that Replay button should NOT be tied to the Resume Saved States setting. It should -- as I just said -- just replay the timeline of that layer from the start.  

 For example, here's a common situation for me (where either I'm doing something wrong or the functionality is limited):

* audio on base layer (which I want to autoplay on the first visit only)

* base layer settings >>> When revisiting = Reset to Initial State (This allows learners to control the seekbar and use the Replay button at any point to reset the slide; as I hope I've already made clear, when set to "Resume Saved State", the Replay button is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike) 

* transcript on a layer

* icon on base layer which displays transcript layer on click   

* [close] button on transcript layer

* I don't want the audio to play while the transcript is showing... so... settings for Transcript Layer: Pause Base Layer = yes

This works fine insofar as:

1. the audio autoplays

2. when the transcript icon is clicked, the layer shows

3. when the [close] button is clicked (on the layer), the audio resumes where it left off.

4. learners can hit "Replay" at any point or drag the seekbar without a problem.


I don't want to audio on the base layer to replay when the slide is revisited -- which, of course, it will do if set to "Reset to Initial State".

I just cannot work this out and it's starting to make me crazy.

It seems that I can either have the functionality outlined in the bullet-liest, above, OR stop the audio replaying with a variable.

I can only assume I'm overlooking something incredibly simple. Can anyone help, perchance?

One way I've tried to stop the audio replaying on revisit is to put the audio on NOT the base layer and show that layer the first time learners visit (and not subsequently; controlled by a variable). But then I run into other issues because there's no "Pause timeline of Layer XYZ" setting. 

So this is what happens:

1. first visit, learner directed to audio layer

2. If the audio layer is set to "Resume State", it picks up the audio from the same point when returning from the tapescript layer

3. BUT... when revisiting the slide (i.e. the base layer), the audio doesn't play again automatically (Yay!), but there's no way to replay the audio if you want/need to hear it again (Boo!) 



If there's not currently a way to do what I'm asking, I propose a couple of additions to the next upgrade:

1. Default functionality of "Replay" button is that it plays the timeline again no matter whether or not that layer is set to "Resume Saved States"

2. Ability to optionally set the Replay button to not only replay the timeline of that layer, but also reset all states on that layer (or, even better, a checklist for which layers to reset and which to leave as they are)

3. Ability to pause the timeline of any layer when displaying another layer (e.g. pause Audio-01 layer while viewing Tapescript-01 layer)

4. Ability to add triggers to the "Replay" button (just like was added to the [Prev] button)  

Anyway, that's all. I'm all ranted out. 

Gotta dash.



El Burgaluva

And another one...


I just discovered that if I put the audio on the base layer (in order to use the "Pause Base Layer Timeline" setting to resume audio at the same point after viewing the transcript), the audio is playable while viewing the transcript simply by hitting the [play] button in the player -- which I don't want.

So now it seems I'm back to putting the audio on a layer and the transcript on another layer and either:

a) having the audio reset to start of timeline upon returning from the transcript layer (rather than resuming where it was)


b) having the audio resume from where it was but the seekbar and "Replay" button not working (because the layer is set to "Resume Saved State" -- as described, above).

I've lost quite a bit of time trying to find a workaround for this. Very frustrating, I gotta say. I've submitted a support ticket so hopefully someone will be able to help.

In the meantime, for anyone encountering a similar problem... I'm going to go with option (a) because even though it'll be irritating to learners, I think it will be much less irritating than trying to move the seekbar or hit the "Replay" button to no avail. At least they'll be able to click the seekbar at the approximate point they were at and pick up the audio again from there.

Or will they? I know it works like that on the base layer, but will it work on a layer-layer?



@Lynne... I sincerely hope I haven't hijacked your thread here! I assume this is the same kind of issue you're having.  ????

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

If there are particular items that you'd like to see in future Storyline updates, you can always share that with our Development team here.  

If you run across something that you think is a bug, please share your .story file with our Support team so that they can test it. 

david mckisick

Hello Ashley. My post was to confirm what the other folks here have reported. There are no known workarounds to this that I know of. At this point, I believe it to be a bug because the seekbar should not behave in this way. For example, If I click the circular shaped icon on the right side of the seekbar, the timeline should reset. It does not. In fact, most the time nothing at all happens.

The current way this is supposed to work I believe is that if you have the slide set to reset to initial state, when you click the seekbar reset, the timeline should reset to the beginning and all triggers should reset as well, so they should fire again. If you have the slide set to automatic or remember saved state, then when you click the seekbar reset button, nothing will happen unless you are doing it on a slide that does not have interactive elements, in which case it will reset to the beginning of the timeline.

Brian Seaman

Not to resurrect an old post but has this been addressed?  I am now running into this issue and telling me that I need to have my slides set to "Reset to initial state" is not the answer I am looking for.  The lessons I am building will require the learner to go through the content again if he/she does not pass the final quiz, and I want the slides to be at the saved state per feedback from my QA and alpha and beta testing.  This is something that I really hope you folks are looking into because as the previous poster mentioned, this is a pretty serious issue.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

Currently this is how the rewind button will function, and if you'd like to see a different behavior, it's best to share your thoughts with our product development team in the form of a feature request. Please provide as much information as possible about how this impacts your course development and users experience so that they're able to get a sense of a real world example. 

Brian Seaman


     I have sent in an enhancement request even though this is not really an enhancement but more of a design fix.  This issue has been known for quite some time and it appears nothing has been done about it.  This might be one of the biggest issues there is when it comes to Articulate... which is an amazing product.  You are asking designers to make a decision to have a broken rewind button or to have slides reset to the initial state.  Both of these options are ludicrous.  I am all about how the learner will receive this and have already gotten negative feedback in my alpha testing.  I know that Articulate, like everything else, will adapt but this known issue needs to be addressed.  I hope that you can pass this on to the people who can fix this.  Ignoring this issue is only going to hurt the learner and make the developer look clueless because there is absolutely no work around on this one.  I believe that the posts before mine gave great real-world examples (I shared mine in the request) and there is absolutely no reason why the rewind button works the way it does.  Thanks for lending an ear, as I am not pointing fingers but would really like to see this taken care of in the short-term before I rollout 70 plus lessons in the next few months and am blasted with emails from our partners telling me that either the rewind button does not work or how the slides resetting is upsetting.  This is just going to be an ongoing headache for myself and other Storyline users that most likely are in the same position I am in currently.    

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

Sorry for the delay - I was out of the office last week. Thanks for sending along the feature request and providing some detailed information about the impact that this is having on your development, as that is especially helpful for our team to understand how it behaves within your environment and with your users. So the more feature requests, the better! 

If you need anything else, please feel free to let us know. 

Terry Bell

This discussion has been going on for 3 years in this thread, and several others.  It seems clear to me that developers and users ALL expect the rewind/reset button to do just that, regardless of what the slide setting is on revisiting.  (I don't want to reset it when they return using prev/next or the menu, but when they hit the reset button, it SHOULD reset)