seekbar on responsive payer

Hi there

I read on the forum that the seekbar for the courses that are viewed on tablets or phones appears on the top right in a circular form on portrait and down on the screen on landscape form.  My published courses on 360 all appear with the circular timeline on the top right in on both landscape and portrait making it impossible for users to navigate within a slide. Can I get some help please?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Iman, thanks for sharing your screenshots and your file here. I published your project to Web with both Flash and HTML5, and I was not able to reproduce the behavior. I tested in Safari and Chrome on mobile, and both worked as expected. Here are screenshots taken from Chrome on mobile:


Since I wasn't able to replicate what you're seeing, it would be best if one of our support engineers could investigate this further. I opened a support case on your behalf (#00968419), and you should hear from one of our engineers soon. I'll continue to follow along with the case, as well.