Seekbar wont refresh slide

Feb 11, 2015

I have the text coming in at different stages during a video (many of them). The slides are set to return to initial state. When clicking or dragging the seekbar back to an earlier stage, or selecting the replay button, the slide does not refresh.

It only does this on slides where there is too much text to fit on one page so the first lot fades out and then a  second lot of text starts. It is the first lot which wont refresh, but the second lot kicks if you let it run. 

I'm at the end of a project and really don't want to have to redo 30-odd video edits and slides to turn them into, probably, 100 extra slides!

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Lynn Mathew

Hi, I thought you might be interested in another work-around to the fact that the scrollbar still exhibits the same problem even when the replay button works. I have simply removed the scrollbar and inserted my own player controls (the video controls are also deactivated with a transparent shape over the top.) That way the client doesn't get confused by the scrollbar not working.

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