Seeking assistance with my attempt at a Card Style Click-and-Reveal Interaction

Aug 01, 2018

As  a new ID to Storyline, I've been using Youtube to enhance my skill set with creating interactivity.  I found this really cool Youtube video on how to create a card-style click and reveal.  After several attempts I think I got it, but something is wrong.  Cards 1 and 2 work like the video.  However, cards 3 and 4 shows a bit of a delay in their movement when returning back to the starting point. I've downloaded the template and compared line for line but all attempt to fix is not working.  I've attached the file for review.  Can anyone assist?

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Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached and see if that's what you wanted. The Move triggers on Card 3 and Card 4 on layers 3 and 4 were set to When user clicks, instead of When timeline starts. You might want to give all these motion paths unique names. That would make it easier to follow what's supposed to happen.

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