Seeking Optimal Audio Specs for Importing to Storyline

Hi, all!  Apologies if this query is answered elsewhere in the Forums, but I couldn't find it.

I'm going to be importing individual audio clips onto my Storyline slides.  I read the tutorial about audio that includes the list of supported formats, but here's my concern: in Captivate, for example, they invite you to import Mp3 or WAV files.  But the reality is, since Mp3 is a compressed audio format, when you publish a Captivate project with Mp3s on the slides, the publish process compresses the Mp3s again, resulting in loss of audio quality.  I pointed this out to them a while back, and I don't think it's resolved yet.  Would the same be true of Storyline?  Of course, I'm looking to balance good audio quality with minimizing project file size.  The Storyline courseware will be played on both PCs and iPads by the client.  Is WAV the optimal format to import, despite its size, since presumably the Storyline publish process will perform a compression?  Or is another audio format better?  Or is Storyline so clever that it doesn't compress the audio files during publish?  This is my first Storyline project for a client, so I have not yet had experience with lengthy courses.  These courses will probably be about 50-60 slides each, so they're not gigantic.  Any guidance would be much appreciated.  Many thanks!

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Andrew Sellon

Thanks for the input, folks!  And a gorgeous sample, Nancy!  Love the visuals.   Thanks for sharing. I've played a bit with both Mp3 and WAV, but not on a big project yet. Sound wise I do prefer the WAV but agree that a good quality Mp3 does still sound pretty good  after publish as well.  So I guess I'll go with WAV on this project and it for any reason the file size becomes an issue, I can always convert.  

PS--cool factoid about the flash publish, Bill!