Select on Timeline then move on slide

Feb 05, 2019

Hi all,

Is there a trick to selecting multiple objects on the timeline and then being able to move them on the slide with the arrow keys?

Once selected if I hit an arrow key it makes changes to the timeline fine. I'd like to able to select objects on the timeline then (without losing the selection) switch the focus to the slide so they can be nudged.

Hope this makes sense.



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Ben McKenna

Once you have the objects selected, you'll have to click somewhere on the slide again. If you click on an object in your selection, it'll keep all your currently selected objects, then you can tap the arrow keys.

However, if you have objects covering your selection when you try to click it, Storyline will select just that object. So what you can do to avoid this is to make your selection in the timeline, then click on one of the corners/edges of the boundary box. Then you'll be able to tap the arrows on your keyboard to move stuff around as normal.

EDIT: Actually I just did a little test and turns out if you hold shift or ctrl, then click somewhere off the slide, you won't lost your selection and can then move things around.

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