Easy Selection of All Elements On A Timeline for Moving Them

May 18, 2012

Is there a simple way to select all the objects on a timeline so I can nudge them forward or backwards on the timeline a second or so?  So far, I can't find a simple way.

I can select them all individually on the timeline with CTRL-click and, then with them all selected, use the left or right arrow to move things a second forward or back at a time.  But if you have many, many objects on the timeline, that's a lot of CTRL-clicks.

If you do CTRL-A to select all the objects, and then use the arrow keys, that only works moves the objects on the canvas and I don't want to move them there--just on the timeline.

Can't figure out a CTRL-A method that only works for objects on the timeline . . .

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David Burton


To nudge all objects forward/backward in time by 1 second increments, first select/click the Timeline Tab then use the right or left keyboard keys respectively. This can be done for one or all objects selected.

Note: It might be necessary to select the ALT key after selecting the Timeline Tab, before the nudge will work.

I hope this helps!

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