Selected State Problem


I have created a custom menu and set the objects within the menu to be in a button set. I want only one button to be in the selected state. When I then preview or publish the story and click between the buttons it just goes all buggy. Initially when I click through the buttons it is showing the correct state, but then when I return to other buttons that have already been selected it just goes haywire. Buttons that are showing as selected are not selected!

I have tried adding in addition triggers such as "when the timeline starts show object x in the selected state", but it doesn't seem to be working. I tried publishing it, but the same problem persists.

Any suggestions?



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Josh Uhlig

Hi Adam,

The problem is that you are working with a separate set of buttons on each slide.  So when you select the Exercise1 button on the start slide, it marks the Exercise1 button as selected, but you also move to a new slide and a different set of buttons.  So when you click the Start Here button on this new slide, it goes back to the start slide where the Exercise1 button is still selected.

You might try taking advantage of the maser slide layouts.  You could place everything in the background (including all the buttons) on a layout so you don't have to recreate it on every slide.  I'm not sure it works with a sliding frame though.

Josh Uhlig

Scratch that, I was messing around with it, and the result is the same.  It still treats the buttons as a new set per slide.

Since you are using a new slide for each button, you could just remove all the selected states and keep only the normal state for each button.  Then just recreate the button with the red highlight on each individual slide.  See the attached example (I only did this with the first 4 slides).  I took advantage of the master slide so I don't have to repeat the buttons on each slide.  This will help keep the file size smaller and make for quicker publishing.