Selected States Question

Mar 30, 2022

Hi there,
I have a question regarding Selected States. I have been using the Drag and Drop free form feature in Articulate Storyline to create a Knowledge Check for my learners. When the learner's drag and drop a selection into a box and click the 'check' at the bottom corner of the screen, a 'Correct' or 'Incorrect' layer displays. However, when I add a 'Selected' state to the items, and use the trigger 'Change the state of 'Object ___' to 'Selected' when the user's mouse hovers over Object ___', the slide no longer works. When I preview the slide, the selected state activates according to the trigger, however when I click the 'Submit' button, a message indicates that the slide must be completed in order to move forward. 
*Note* when I remove the 'Selected' state, the slide begins working as normal. 
Has anyone had this or a similar issue before?

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Walt Hamilton

There are two thing you should know.

First, the process of submission checks for DropCorrect or DropIncorrect states. Any other state, such as Selected, doesn't register. So you are considered not to have dropped the object.

Second, the built-in states (like Selected) have their own built-in superpowers. So when an object with a Selected state is clicked, the built-in superpower changes the state automatically. Those built-in powers take great personal offense at you messing with them (like you did with your trigger), and frequently fail in spectacular, unpredictable, but never desirable ways. Hover is the same way. So if you must hover over an object and change its state, use a state with a name you make up (like "mySelectedState") rather than a built-in one. The built-in states are the ones that show in the drop down list when you name a state while creating it.

Biofourmis Inc.

Thank you for the reply and I began thinking about that after posting. So the Object state returns to 'Normal' after the mouse moves away from object. Are you suggesting that because I added a state to it, and even though the state of the object returns to 'Normal' it will not register the object has been moved?

Walt Hamilton

I read your original post to mean you weren't dragging the object, merely trying to submit it on the basis of changing the state to selected. If you are actually dragging it, there is still a problem with "Change state to Selected when mouse hovers over."  That trigger is running afoul of both the Selected and Hover states. It is no surprise it isn't working. If you want it to change while the mouse is over it, delete the trigger, and use the Hover state. without any triggers.