Selected to Disabled doesn't change Color Fill

Jul 10, 2015

Have a button set.

Button has Normal, Hover, Selected, and Disabled.

When a button is Selected, a "feedback" layer pops up (button is now in Selected state).

If Feedback was "Incorrect"... We press a Continue button that changes the Base Layer Button we just Selected to its Disabled State. Easy peasy.

It DOES "change" to Disabled, but maintains the Selected state background fill (blue) ... not changing to the Disabled state background fill (light grey).

This has come up a lot in the past 3 years, just want to know if this State riddle has been figured out ... Is there a pattern or sequence when making new states or duplicating states?... In theory, you'd think it would be logical flipping & flopping between each.

Any help?


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Ryan Martin

Go into the Disabled state. Cut the object. Past it back in.

This "fixes" it, however the pasted object's formatting is all messed up (margins, font, paragraph) ... and more importantly the new 'pasted' object is no longer linked to the State feature. Meaning: if I update my Button text all states are updated, but not my copy & pasted Disabled state.

This workaround has been available for a while. However it still breaks states and increases development time A LOT... especially for an out-of-the-box functionality *sad face*

Wish I could ignore this but state changes play such an important role in instructional interactivity.


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