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Nov 28, 2013

Hello from me - and a quick question....

Do any of you (or your clients) sell the elearning courses that you build in Articulate Storyline?

And if you do, how do you manage the delivery - do you sell the course and then put a link to the Articulate player (for the iPad)  on the app store or is there a better way to do this?

Are there any successful examples of selling courses/apps built in Storyline?

Thanks in advance.


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Nicole Legault

Hi there Michael!!

I've developed e-learning courses that are sold on a website myself in the past, so I have a bit of personal experience in this area....

What we did in my experience was on the page where you can purchase the e-learning course there's a link for "Technical Requirements" and from there the tech requirements are listed, and there's a link to download the Articulate Mobile Player.

Of course you want the user to find out if he/she meets the tech requirements BEFORE they purchase your e-learning course  (Here's a link to the page hosting the e-learning courses that are for sale, so you can see for yourself how it's set up in this case.)

Also, I don't know if you've ever seen this e-learning marketplace where people sell courses, but you might want to have a peek at this if you haven't! 

Hope this helps!


Russell Still

My company has been selling eLearning courses online since 2006. I originally had high hopes for use of the AMP on the iPad. Experience has shown, at least in my sector, that users are easily confused by this. I've gotten tons of emails wanting to know why they have to use a viewer from a different company. Then they get confused on how to populate it with modules. It is pretty simple, but don't underestimate the ability of some of your customers to get bum-fuzzeled.

All of this can be handled, but typically requires an extensive amount of text instructions for the user.

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