Is there an overview or "big picture" article about selling and/or Marketing Articulate Storyline courses

How do people sell or market completed Storyline eLearning courses to the general public on the internet?

Is there a Udemy-like or similar platform that provides this service...including the  payment gateway.

Better still is there a platform or service that also integrates or enables live student/s and instructor interaction?

Years ago I had access to a proprietary system that enabled something like that in a fixed timetable context but I am not aware of what is available for a scenario where I want to attract  (Joe or Josephine Public in Wherever Country) to enrol in a course that has been constructed in Storyline 2.

I will be most grateful for any advice or information provided...I did search - assuming this was a common question...but got info about Udemy Kajabi, Acadamy of Mine etc but couldn't make the connection as to how one would go about marketing/selling completed Storyline eLearning courses.

Cheers from Sydney

John Loty





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Jean K.

Hello, I did a search on threads about selling courses that are designed in Storyline.  Since several years have passed I'm wondering if there is any updated information available.  

Is there a Udemy -like retail marketplace now that accepts storyline format courses? 

I have an existing course that I'm looking to repurpose for retail use and putting it on an existing marketplace with its own consumer traffic would make the most sense for me.  


Thanks for any help or suggestions.