Semi transparent overlay with clear area in center

I would like to create a dark semi transparent shape that will cover the enntire slide but with a clear transparent opening to focus attention on a particular area of the slide. 

I can do this in Photoshop but since I have many to do, with different size openings, this would be time consuming. Anybody know how to do this quickly inside Storyline 360?

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Michael Hinze

See attached the file for my example. For the slide background, right-click on a  slide, select Format Background>Picture or texture fill>Insert from File. For the cutout shapes, position and size the shape where you want it on the slide. Then, right-click on the shape>Format Shape> Slide background fill.

JC Blanchard

You forgot to explain how to darken the surrounding areas, but I figured it out by placing a semi transparent colored shape over the slide but underneath the cut out shapes.  It's a great idea but unfortunately it doesn't work for me because my slide background is a plain color and I need to emphasize text boxes (See image in my original post).