How would I make something like this in Storyline 360?

Jul 17, 2018

A video where certain parts can be highlighted for emphasis and the video would stop so I could do a voice over narration explaining the emphasized part. 

Like this video:


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Steve Gannon

Hi Jennifer,

The "Frame" and "Donut" shapes on the Insert > Shape menu can get you part of the way there. Getting those shapes to subtly grow and contract like the highlight boxes do in that video would be a challenge in Storyline, however.

If you simply want to make a non-interactive video, I recommend doing this in PowerPoint and then exporting that out to a video, 

Jennifer Lynn

I'm not sure if I'm explaining what I would like to achieve very well.

The end result is I would like a shape to reveal part of a picture, while the rest of the picture is covered (or blurred).

In the video they have the bill, which has a blue overlay. Then a shape "reveals" the bill (in white w/no blue).

On the slide I have started with my picture. Then over that I put the solid color (to block the picture). Now I need to have some shape that reveals part of the picture. This is the step I'm stuck on. I essentially have to "cut out" a shape from the solid color to reveal the picture underneath.

Steve Gannon

Please try these steps:

  1. Delete the solid color; you don't need that, and in fact it will interfere with what you're trying to accomplish.
  2. Click the Insert menu.
  3. Pull down the Shape options.
  4. In the Basic Shapes category of shapes, select either the Frame (for a rectangular reveal) or Donut (for a circular reveal) shape. You can tell which shape is which by hovering your mouse pointer over a shape and waiting for the description to pop up.
  5. Once you have the preferred shape selected, click and drag to draw the shape onto the slide. Have it fill the whole slide.
  6. Using the Format menu, make the fill of the shape semi-transparent (such as 40% black). You may want to remove the line border completely.
  7. Now using the little yellow square on the left or upper left of the shape you selected, adjust the width/height of the empty space so that it surrounds the area you want revealed. 
  8. If the area you want to reveal is on one of the sides of your background image and not in the center of the image, you may have to drag one edge of the outer boundary of the shape further off the slide so that the center reveal area moves one way or the other.

If I find some time today, I'll make you a little MP4 movie that walks you through these steps.


Steve Gannon

I can't tell for sure from that screenshot but it looks like you selected a plain circle shape, not the donut. When you mouse over the shapes in the Shapes drop-down, be sure the word "Donut" pops up. If some other word pops up, keep moving your mouse pointer over the circular shapes until you get the donut shape.

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