Send each quiz attempt results to LMS seperately.

Sep 07, 2016


I've designed a course in which the final test can be "Re-attempted" 3 times. How can I send the results of each attempt to the LMS seperately? We tested it on SCORM cloud, the results from all the attempts gets stored in a single file. Is there a way to send the results of each attempts seperately?

Help very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance :)

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Emily Ruby

Hi Clement,

Are you using the Retake Course option within the file? If so, the results would be reset on each attempt, so the score should override the ones before, and should work as it does in SCORM Cloud. If you are utilizing something from within the LMS to allow the attempts, you would probably need to set something up from your end.

We are not able to help support custom LMS settings, so maybe someone from the community may have some ideas. What LMS do you use? There might be others who use the same one.

Just an idea, if there is not a way to customize within the LMS to store these separate, have you considered creating 2 more courses with just the quiz, then linking to those when they go to retake? Since it would then be 3 different course they are taking, you should get 3 different reports. Just a thought.

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