Send Pass/Fail from Storyline Quiz to LMS?

Aug 02, 2012

We have used Articulate StoryLine to create a quiz that is loaded into our LMS. Our quiz has 49 questions and requires a combination of 3 things to be successfully passed:
1. At least 70% of the questions answered correctly
2. Question 34 answered correctly
3. Question 35 answered correctly

We have been able to achieve this in StoryLine by adding to the trigger on the results page that checks if questions 34 and 35 are correct as well as the overall percentage correct to determine which layer to display (Success or Failure).

When a percentage of 97 is achieved, but one of the two required questions is incorrect, Storyline shows the proper failed layer on the results screen. However, it is sending a pass response to the LMS. I assume that the pass status is simply calculated based on the percentage required.

How can we change the Passed/Failed value that is sent to the LMS?

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