Sending completion to LMS in multi-language branching scenario

I have a course with many branches, based on a language selection page 1.  The user only needs to get through 4 slides of their language for the module to be complete.  There is no quiz, but an active submit button on the final slide (per language).  I have javascript = SetStatus("completed"); once the user clicks on the submit button.  The LMS tracking options are set at complete/incomplete and minimum number of slides 34 of 34.  I would expect the completion status to be sent when the submit button is selected in any language. However, the status remains incomplete.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to why it is not marking complete? 

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Use a "ghost assessment".
Essentially, you use the viewed questions to control answers on the hidden questions such that no matter which 4 questions are answered, users are also taking the SAME master assessment that they never view. This allows you to have ONE results slide for the LMS (which again, can be hidden from the users view to get around the language issues.

Read more about HOW to create a ghost assessment in this thread.