Sending quiz result data to external source

Feb 19, 2018

We have designed several quizzes in Articulate that need the results data to be sent to an external source. The client has several stipulations. First, because they are a state educational department, they cannot use Google: docs, sheets, etc. Secondly, they do not have an LMS/CMS. 

Many of my clients don't use an LMS/CMS and there most certainly are other Instructional Designers who have the same project requirements.

I need a way to collect the quiz results data and export it. We tried using the email solution, print screen then email, but that does not work.

I even got a highly qualified and experienced software developer to take a look at the output code. He indicated that there is an issue with the one solution we were using, which was the print results button. It does not work in HTML5. Flash does not work either due to browser security issues. When the software developer was looking at the output coding he asked if I wrote it. The implication being that it was poor/bad coding. I have basic skills in html/javascript/php so I can understand him saying that. 

For the most part Articulate is easy to use and has a good amount of functionality. If anyone has a solution....other than paying big bucks to the software developer I know, please let me know what works for you. I am justifiably frustrated. HELP! 

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Michael Anderson

As long as you do not need to use the Articulate Mobile Player app to view the course, you can use execute javascript triggers within your course to send the data whereever you like. There's an example of that here, sending data to a server running php

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