Sending user entered data to me (via email?)

Nov 18, 2016

Here's the setup:  I can only host my course on a site that has no login capabilities but I need to gather certain user stats: Name and Employer.  The way I thought I might work around this is to create a course in which the first slide asks for the user to enter this info into two fields before they can continue on.  The text they enter will then be sent to a designated email address so I can collect that information later.  The question is, how do I do this?

There are a few posts in here that deal with auto-generating email popups, but that requires the user to manually send an email which I want to avoid.  What I would like is to have a button that when pressed generates an email with the text from the two user fields sent to a specific address and sends it.  Another option would be to have it store that data in some other location that I could access, which might actually work better but I couldn't see any evidence that this is possible.

I am not hosting the courses and have no access to those systems.  Another organization is doing this as a favor for us so I can't really make any demands of them.  Since this is the case, I really need everything to be self contained in the course.

Any thoughts?

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Liam Currie

Two issues: 

1. Is there a way to measure if someone has hit the "submit" button on the google Form?  I would like to make it mandatory to enter some info into the form fields before being able to move to the next slide.

2. If [1] is not possible, how can I ensure that people actually hit the "submit" button instead of the "next" button once they enter info into the fields.  I could see a lot of people entering their info and then just hitting Next instead of Submit.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liam, 

No way to control what they click within the Google form unfortunately. You could look at setting your next button to be disabled for a certain period of time and that way allowing the user time to fill it out and see that submit button on the form. But you can't tie the actions of a user within a web object to something within the actual player or slide navigation.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liam,

Although it's not on the slide view to manipulate you can still access it with Triggers in Storyline 2. You'll want to do something similar to this trigger here. Perhaps as your "when" element it's when the timeline reaches a particular point/time - or you could add an object reminding them to click "submit" first and set the next button to be enabled after the timeline of that object ends?

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