separate courses for management/training staff

Nov 19, 2015


I am wondering if there is any possible way to have one course "act" differently for two user groups. What I mean, is that I would like the people taking the course to have the course in "restricted" mode or locked mode, so they cannot skip ahead or skip content. I would like management and trainers to be able to review the course freely without having to finish each slide or skip ahead if they require to do so. Can I do this without publishing the same course twice? Can I do this with permissions perhaps?

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Simon Blair

Hi Pryce,

Depending on how your course is set up, you may have some options. The first thing that comes to mind is setting up a "restricted" variable and using that (with triggers) to control the availability of the review style navigation.

If you're running the course from an LMS, you may be able to get some info from the LMS to identify users and set the variable. If not, you could use a hidden option (e.g. pressing a particular key or clicking on a specific object on the slide).


Crystal Horn

Hi Pryce.  Your question is a good one; thanks for reaching out.  I see that Simon has given you some ideas about using variables in cooperation with your LMS.  

Since the course navigation is controlled within the course player and slide properties, you likely would have to publish two versions of your course and control permissions on your hosting platform.  If you need some instruction on how to efficiently achieve those settings, here is a tutorial on slide properties, including adjusting course navigation.

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