Separating lessons for LMS

Hello everyone, wondering if there are any other TalentLMS users that could help me out!

We are new to using Talent and  I've searched the help files on the Knowledge Base for Talent as well as on the community here and can't quite figure this out...

Our service is self-directed and we give our clients (users) the option of  completing the whole course or just one lesson.  

My question is:  When you separate the lessons, is there a way to make the triggers and variables connect?  (ie: %UserName%)  Also, each of the lessons has a quick 3-4 question knowledge check at the end and I'd like them to connect and give us a cumulative score.  But I'm wondering is this isn't' possible, as technically they are separate SL files...?

How are you building your courses for TalentLMS?  


Thanks in advance!

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