Server queries for Storyline courses

Hi All, we have recently adopted Storyline in our organization. We are able to use the tool efficiently by developing rapid courses. Few questions were asked by the client for which I do not have answers. Can you please help me on below questions:

Q1. Will the course run on Apache server? If yes, what format should I choose while publishing?

Q2. What will be the server configuration to host the course? Will there be different configuration for all major type of servers or there is any minimum requirement defined?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anup!

The only server requirements for Articulate content is that it can handle the file types generated by the software and any files you've added separately. These can include (but are not limited to) HTML, XML, and SWF files.

Hopefully someone in the community with experience will be able to chime in and assist as well.

Standard authoring and viewing requirements can be found here.

Anup P

No response yet from anyone.

Can anyone confirm if below details are good to go?

Minimum requirement to host the course on a web server:
•Server specifications:
- Windows 7 Pro Server
- Intel Core i5 CPU @3.10GHz
- RAM – 16 GB
- 64-bit OS

•SCORM 1.2 standard compliant for reporting

•Below MIME types enabled on the server: