Set as Default shape - not storing the text box settings

May 08, 2012


I am adding callout shapes to a screen recording video that I am creating.

I had created a shape that was yellow with no line, and set the font type and size (Verdana 16pt).

I also adjusted the internal margin for the text box within the shape properties.

After making the chanegs I choose to make this the default call out shape.

However the problem is that some of the setting are not being saved. The text box margin settings, the font settings (to not have any shadow on the text), and the setting to not Autofit text to the shape are not remembered as part of the default shape.

Is there any other way to have a shape template - that would remember these settings?

So that the shapes could be dragged and dropped onto the screen recording.


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Soren J Birch

Five years old this is huh? Hope it gets on top of the to-do list at some point. A specific wayt to deal with Default Shapes for screen recordings is missing, they are still not very defaulty. The steps by Ashley works for colour of fonts and captions (if you go to the Design tab and select Colors > Custom colors to update your color theme, you'll want to edit Accent 1 for the caption background and the Text/Background - Light 1 for the text color)

Now, is it possible to modify the default caption type? I need square shapes, no rounded corners.

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