Setting an expiry date for published content in LMS

Feb 17, 2021

Dear All, 

I would like to know if in the latest version of Storyline is possible to define an expiry date for published content? The goal is to make the content available in a client's LMS and, after a certain period of time, users have no longer access to view the content. 

Thank you 


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Drago Ivanov

I am searching for a similar solution and I found threads dating back to 2012. There is still no easy way out of this one for developers. I think the Articulate team should address this after all this time.

Has anyone found a simple solution to this?

I used the following script:

var myToday = new Date();
var myExpire = new Date("2022-08-18 0:00:00"); //the date the content should expire

if(myToday > myExpire)

alert("Course expired on: " + myExpire + "\n" + "Today is: " + myToday + "\n" + "*****");


It works if the course content is displayed in a popup, but fails in other cases, such as embedded...

Drago Ivanov

Hi Math.

This is a valid point.

However if the published content goes onto an LMS where we don't have control, how do we keep the "ownership". There are other solutions out there: SCORM Cloud, Content Controller and so on, but these are costly.

In any case, the question is: if it is a feature available in Captivate, what is preventing Articulate from adding it to their application or at least offer a reasonable workaround.