Setting an expiry date for published content

Jan 30, 2013

Hi there.

As the title says, I was wondering if there was any way to set an expiry date for published content, which would basically stop users from being able to view the content after a specific date? I've used this feature in KnowledgePresenter before but can't find such a thing anywhere in Storyline.

It would be very handy, as we are basically looking to put our course on disc to send out to people to trial them, but we don't want them having access to our courses beyond the trial period.

Thanks again for any support on this.

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Robert Pinedo

Hey Owen! 

I am trying to implement this on my end, but cannot get the layers to display correctly. Would you mind taking a look at my file and seeing if I have made a mistake? I feel like I followed your template exactly, but cannot seem to get it to behave how I expect it to. 

I really appreciate all your help! 



Your code is working fine.  It looks like the problem is in the file's variables.

The start date variable is empty. It must have a default value or the JavaScript cannot calculate elapsed time. Add a value in the following format MM/DD/YYYY (for example: 03/01/2023).

Your Valid Days variable is also empty but must have a value. This is how long the course should be open in days. For example, you would use 365 for a 1 year course. Without this number, Storyline cannot compare the number of elapsed days against the number of allowed days. 

Bhumija Saxena

Hi Owen,

I was able to follow the steps and it worked almost perfectly but I am able to see the Elapsed Days value in decimal. It would be a great help if I could be able to access the Template file however it isn't available in the resources anymore. Any chance you could share a downloadable template?



I've done this multiple times in Storyline with JavaScript for clients and it works well. Connect with me on LinkedIn and I'll walk you through it.
Phil is correct that you can use this to [partially] expire a course in Rise. It isn't 100% because of the way progress bookmarking occurs in Rise but it will prevent NEW attendees from accessing an expired course.