Setting Slide Background Fill in Storyline 2


I am working on layers in a slide on Storyline 2. In Powerpoint I can bring forward a section of the slide by setting up a background picture, covering the slide with a dark color, adding a shape to the bit i want highlighted and formating it as Set backgroud fill. This does not seem to work in Storyline 2. Is there a work around or do I need to create separate slides?

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Diana Myers

I'm not sure if Claire is still subscribed to this thread, but thought I'd post the steps to use slide background fill in case anyone else has the same question.  These steps work in both Storyline 1 and Storyline 2.  (I attached a Replay movie in case you'd rather watch the steps than read them.)

  1. Make sure you're on the base layer of your slide.  Right-click anywhere there isn't an object (either on the slide or off-stage), and select Format Background
  2. Stay on the Fill tab and click the radio button for Picture or texture fill.
  3. Click the File button, find and open the appropriate picture for your slide background and then close the Format Background dialog box.
  4. Insert the shape with which you want to cover the background.  Set the color and any transparency as desired.
  5. Insert the shape that you want to "show through" that dark color.
  6. Right-click the shape you just added and select Format Shape.
  7. Stay on the Fill tab and click the radio button for Slide background fill.  If desired, click the Line tab and click No outline.  Close the Format Shape dialog box.

So few people don't realize Slide background fill is available, and it's such a neat feature that can be used a bunch of different ways.  Good luck to anyone who stumbles upon this.  :-)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Diana -- Yes, as this thread is a bit dated, Claire may no longer be subscribed, but if you would like to ensure that she sees the steps you've provided, you are always welcome to reach out directly via the 'Contact Me' link on her profile page! And, many thanks for sharing your work, as others who are having a similar issue will certainly benefit if they come across this thread in the future. :)