Setting transparency of base div a and div b

Aug 07, 2013

I posted this a while back and never got a response, I am hoping staff will respond this time ...

I am trying to set the transparency of base div a and div b to 100% so that they are completeley transparent but for some reason even when they are set to 100% they still show up ... for example on the borders around the drop down menus ... has anyone come across a fix for this?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Dave,

I'm not staff, but I played around a bit. I THINK you're referring to that dividing line in the menu? If so, in the Edit item list scroll down to

List item

and select Lines

Set that to 100% transparency

If that's NOT it, perhaps a screen shot pointing out what you're referring to will help tease it out.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Dave,

Not sure what you mean by the drop down menus. Sorry. If you mean the separator in the drop-down, for example, for Resources, that item is resources >separator. I just set it to 100% and it's gone - but that may not be what you mean.

Perhaps you could provide a screens shot of what you mean and staff or another community member could jump in.

dave lees

I have attached a screen cap Leslie ... I have highlighted the issue with a red ellipse ... basically I am trying to get rid of the border on the dropdowns or at least set transparency to 100% to hide the fact that for some reason the border is straight and looks weird with the rounded corner of the dropdown.

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