Several problems: Volume Change Just When the Video Is Paused. Need to Remove the Animation from the single answers in my quiz.

Dec 07, 2018


I have several problems with my Storyline and I'd like to find a solution.

1) I'm able to change the volume of my video only when the video is paused. So it forces to pause it -> Change the Volume -> Play the video with the Volume Changed.


2) My storyline is formed by the video slides (about 80) and 10 multi-answer questions siled shattered troughout the videos. To create the quiz slides I duplicated the first one several times, but after sevaral copies the duplicated slides started to not behave correctly. On my quiz slides the questions flicker when I hover on them with my cursor. I think that I would solve the problem if I just remove any kind of animation from the single answers, but I don't know how.


3) As I told you I duplicated the same question several questions. Every quiz slide has an audio file. After several copies the audio files the audio files results ruined. Even I try to delete the ruined audio file and replace with the audio file from the first slide it doesn't seem to solve the problem.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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