Shape anchor point

Jan 29, 2018

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to change the anchor point of a shape? I can't seem to find this anywhere even though it seems like a relatively basic feature.

Thank you

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Ben McKenna

Hey Stephanie,

I agree this would be a great feature, but unfortunately it's not a thing as of yet.

If you really need to achieve this kind of effect though, you can group the object you wanted animated with a no-fill/no-outline box, and increase the size/position of the invisible box so that it offsets the 'centre' point of the whole group. Then apply the animation effect to the whole group itself.

Scott Martin

Morning Leslie,

Has there been any movement re: pivot point animation?

Having to deal with a lot of schematic type work it would be great to have this feature, for example, if you have lines growing out of a certain point to another, it would be really handy to shift a "groups" pivot point to the emitting side. Then the grow animation would give the impression that the line is growing from the correct location.

I hope this makes sense, After Effects / Adobe Animate have these features which make them great for this kind of work. But having it native to Storyline (SL) would be fantastic then content can remain in SL.