Shapes not displaying when they should

Here is the situation I have. I have a slide with a video clip that plays. At some point in the narrative of the video I want to display shapes with text messages. Let's say that during my 5 minute long video clip I want a text message to display at 1 minute into the presentation and to stay "on" for the duration of 8 seconds. Easy enough. I create my shape, add my text and set the timings. 

When I hit preview the video plays, the audio works...but, the graphic doesn't show up where I expect it. It is much later. I've also seen that if I jump into the video instead of letting it play from the beginning I "push" the start time even further. I also tried publishing the project to see if the preview function was just broken. I got the same results. And, what was really odd was when I switched to the Snipping Tool to grab a screen shot showing the text box showing up at the wrong time based on the video play bar the graphic disappeared. 

At this point, the functionality is unusable. I'll have to introduce the text graphics in post-production using Premiere. That seems like over kill. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks.

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