Share Your Imported SVG Graphics as Storyline Native Shapes Here

May 13, 2019

The May 6, 2019 SL360 update brought us a great, enhanced feature:  SVG images on PowerPoint slides can be imported into Storyline 360 as native shapes; you can customize their fill colors, line styles, and shape effects).  Sort of an alternative to Insert > Shapes.

More on this can be found here, along with how to use them in your SL project:

How about we share some of the graphics we bring into SL360 as native shapes with each other?  Please consider posting them here.

Here are some that I've produced.  Feel free to download and use.  No warranty, no support, do not pass "go," and do not collect $200.  :)

I used Viso to create the SVG graphics, which I then put in SL360 via PowerPoint 365. 

Note:  Most graphics came into SL360 as a single shape.  A few came in as a grouped shape.  Also, you can add edited text to these shapes; however, for some circular shapes, the text may not appear where you'd like it.

The shapes should also work with SL3.


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