Sharing a Scene between projects??

Jun 10, 2013

Hi all  I am new to E-Learning Heroes but have been using Storyline for a couple of months and absolutely loving it.  I have a few years of work to do for my first client (Railway construction and maintenance training)  and this is the tool to do it with.  We are using other tools for diagrams, photographs, videos, animation etc but ultimately they all end up in Storyline.

Now my question:  I have a scene covering risk and controls that needs to be used in each of about 15 other modules but I really don't want to repeat the content as this introduces a maintenance headache. I would love to be able to reference the scene from another project (like a common resource project).

Any ideas?


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Robert Fenwick

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply but, no, that wasn't what I had in mind. I have been using import extensively but this still leaves me with the headache of maintaining multiple copies of the one set of material.

What I want to be able to do is point menu entries in the player to scenes or slides in another project OR to create a virtual scene in a project that actually exists in another project.  Many software development environments have this capability whereby you are referencing an external block of code that doesn't get pulled in until compile time.  The same would apply here - the material doesn't get pulled in to the story until the project is published.

This way I would only maintain one copy of the "Risks and Controls" story but every time I publish one of the other 15 or so in the course the newest version of "Risks and Controls" would be included.

I am surprised no-one else has come up with this to add to the wishlist because it would make large projects much easier to manage.



Jonathan Atleson

You could use a Web Object inserted on a slide to play a separate reusable Storyline output file stored on a web server. I've done this where I had external Storyline "videos" that would play in a lightbox via a Web Object slide. You may have to play with the dimensions of the reusable component and suppress the player to make it look seamless.

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