Sharing Character Packs within the Same Company?

Dec 04, 2018

A co-worker recently offered to share her character pack with me but I was wondering about the license for the old character packs.

  • We both work for the same company, but in different departments.
  • We both have SL3 (perpetual license)

Are the packs licensed based on the purchasing organization? If so, we should be able to legally share the pack, right?

Or are they distributed per seat license (one pack per computer/user)?

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Elizabeth Kuhlmann

Hi Keith!  Thank you for reaching out to us.  Storyline 2 with character bundle was a single user license.  Each license could be installed on two computers, but under the licensing agreement, those computers needed to belong to the same user, so you would not be able to share the character bundle with your colleague.  If you want access to our expanding library of more than 100,000 combinations of characters, expressions, and poses, check out Articulate 360!

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