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Aug 07, 2013

Hi Heroes,

I was wondering if I could share my course via a protected link? I mean user clicks on a link and get a login page to see the course.


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Beth Worthy

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for linking me to the tutorial for adding a text entry to the course but I am still far from how to add a customized login form. Kindly help! Can you please link to any resource that explain every step to get what I want?

Michael Hinze said:

If you don't have an LMS that takes take of logins, then you or your webmaster could password-protect the web folder that contains your course. Or, as a 'low-tech' option, you could add a textentry box on the first screen of your Storyline course that checks for the correct entry/password.

Josh Uhlig


I believe Michael is just suggesting that you add a text entry box to the first slide that asks for a password.  Then on your "Jump to next sldie" trigger, add a condition to check if the value of what they enter matches what you tell them to write in. As Michael said, this is a low tech option, so you just tell the people what they should be typing in, and the trigger checks if it matches before jumping to the next slide.

Here is what you would do:

  1. Add a text entry box to slide 1 (this automatically creates a textentry variable)
  2. Create a second variable (let's call it password) with an initial value of the password you want
  3. Add a "jump to next slide" trigger to slide 1 and add a condition that the textentry variable (what the user types in) is equal to the password variable. - It's best to have this trigger attached to a button that the user presses after they type in a password.  The default next button will do the trick.
Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

I just modified a previous "short story" I'd created so I could throw it up here as an example. I was also thinking that's what Michael meant.

Beth, the attached requires that the Learner type in a username - it can be anything - and a password. FYI the password is 123.

If they click next with out typing anything, they see a prompt.

If they type a user name, but NOT a password, or a user name and the INCORRECT password, they get a warning and can try again.

Any questions, please shout out.

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