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Sep 23, 2013

How do I create the equivalent of the Studio package of a Storyline course to share the original source files with another designer?

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Maureen:

You can also save your project as a Storyline template, which might also be handy for sharing, especially if you have a certain look for a section or slide you or your colleague may want to re-use--e.g., a scenario setup or whatever. You might want to check out this tutorial. Welcome to the forum. --Daniel

Jean Bruyere



I have a client who asked me: 

I need a course translated from English to French-Canadian, however, this one is a bit different. It's built in an eLearning course tool called Articulate Storyline.I'm wondering if you work with eLearning developers that are familiar with that development tool? I don't have the time to export content, get translation and voice over, and then add new translated content and voice over to the storyline modules, so I'd like to outsource the entire project. Basically I would hand over the Articulate Storyline source files in English, and I would get them back in French Canadian.

My question is: If i ask the .story file for each course; when opened with Storyline 360 will they be able to retrieve the source materials such as audio files to re-record  and text files to translate?

Thanks for answering



Ren Gomez

Hi Jean,

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 

As long as you're able to retrieve the source .story files, you should be able to translate a course using the steps lined out in this user guide:

And if you plan on using our Text-to-speech tool at all, you can even select a French-Canadian accent! I hope this helps!

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