Sharing Storyline files for review purposes only

Dec 06, 2018


Does anyone out there use Tempshare?

"An Articulate engineer cooked up Tempshare over a weekend to make it easier for you to test Articulate content on your iPad.
You simply drag your project to Tempshare and it’s saved to a web server. Tempshare generates a non-guessable URL to your project that you can then access from your iPad. Content is hidden from search engine indexing so it stays private while you test.
Keep in mind that Tempshare is not an official or supported Articulate product. It’s just a helpful tool we’ve made available to folks who need it. Please use Tempshare for testing purposes only, as we delete content 10 days after it’s posted."

I have been using this site to share our Storyline files to our stakeholders who need to review content before it goes up on our LMS. This is a great site, quick, easy and the web link only lasts 10 days. The problem is that it is a bit temperamental, and has not been publishing files for over a week now.

Are there any other solutions on how to share files? We do not have access to drop box (from reading previous like articles).

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Wendy Farmer

You're right - the Modern Player only publishes to HTML5, the Classic player allows you to select any of the options in the dialog box including flash.

Any apps that require flash should alert you via a popup to say 'flash required' enable / allow flash and you should be able to click it to proceed.


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