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Andrew Scivally

Thanks Steve.

I've been testing the themes a bit more and see some interesting things happeing. (not sure how to stop them.)

It seems that if I insert a new slide from a template (try one of the character display panels that comes with SL) and then apply a new design theme, all of the content areas disappear.

Here was my test scenario:

I tested 2 design themes that had the exact same slide master layouts.

1. created a slide with layout #1 with theme #1.

2. Then applied theme #2 to that slide. (theme #2 includes layout #1)

Even though both themes have the same master layout the master content areas disappear from my slide.

I'm tring to figure out a way to share a design theme with someone else and let them apply it without loosing all of their master content areas.

I hope that this makes sense. I think that my brain is getting frazzeled with all of my testing.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Danielle,

That's unlike our support team and I know that emails have gotten caught in spam or junk before - do you happen to know if you got an email with a case number immediately after submitting your request?  Also if you used the form at the link above you would have seen a pop up appear confirming submission - and if you didn't see that it may not have gone through. I didn't see one here based on how your name is listed in the forums so that is my guess. I'd ask if you could try again using a different web browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome are all pretty consistent) and/or feel free to email Support@articulate.com and that'll generate a case too.