Short Answer -Results Slide -can it appear in slide as opposed to opening in new window?

Nov 06, 2020

Hey everyone!

I have been using a short answer quiz for pre/post self-assessments. It always has been that I allow the user to "Print Results" to keep and compare. I add this as a block to a Rise course.

Normally, it's been working fine, but I just realized that this openes in a new browser window and a 2nd browse tab. When the learner closes the Results tab, they are left with a blank window. If they close that window, it closes the course! (see screenshot from the rise course -green arrows are from Articulate support)

Well, I can't message to the learners to not do this (unfortunately, I know my learners too well), so I'm trying to find a way if the results can appear IN another slide. I can't as yet. 

Anyone encounter this or know of a workaround?

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Vincent Scoma

Hi there,

Happy to help! 

Regarding the built-in print results button, opening a new browser tab showing the results is the intended behavior. With that said, there are some potential workarounds that should help accomplish what you are after.

While this is an unsupported method, you could use Javascript triggers to execute what you are looking for. For example, you could create a trigger that will print the current slide, so the printer interface appears instead of opening a new browser tab. Some additional workflows may help as well, and you can find more about this under the Print Current Slide section: 

I hope that others can share what has worked for them as well! 

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