Track Activity in Web Object for Trigger

Apr 23, 2021

I have a course that links to a web survey. Currently, when learners click the button, it launches the survey and shows a hidden layer. In Articulate Review, the survey launches in a new tab of the same browser instance. When the learner closes the survey, they are back in the course and can take the next action.

However, in our LMS, the course launches in a new window and the survey launches as a new tab in the original browser window. When the learner closes the survey, the course window is behind the original browser window. I've spoken with our LMS team and it would be a global change to let the course and the survey launch in the same browser window.

As a workaround, I am trying to embed the site as a web object - which works. But the user has to click the submit button on the survey and then click the next button on the slide. My client wants to eliminate the second click.

I looked for a way to set a trigger on the web object, but it doesn't appear that is an option. Is there any way for the course to know when the learner completes and submits the survey in the web object?

I'm thinking javascript might work but have no idea where to start.

Thank you,


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Amy Keating

Hi Bryan, 

I realize your post is a couple years old, but I just found it when searching. While I am not looking for a trigger, I can say that we, too, have the same issue with courses and our LMS. While ours is not necessarily linking out to a survey, this happens simply in linking out to anything when telling it to do so by opening it in a new window.  It can be a PDF, another site, etc.  We want it to open in a new separate window, because otherwise our learners close the course instead of just what they linked out to. Then they get frustrated about that.  But, with a new window, they still get frustrated because, for whatever reason, once the new window opens, it pushes the course window to the back behind the launch window. So now the course is hidden. While we are teaching them to use Alt+Tab to find their hidden window, or to drop down to the bottom icon tray and find the second open browser window, it sure would be nice if this didn't happen at all. And as you said it is fine in Review360.  Just a problem with LMS.  It does it for us in both Chrome or Edge.  Our company also, is not going to put through a global change to remove the launch window.  Did you ever find a work around for this?  

Amy Keating

We have finally solved this issue. We are using the SL player "other" options to allow the course to have an articulate launch window also. This means we have two launch windows.  One is the LMS and one is the course's. But the course one happens so quickly and then makes the rest work (doesn't hide it if a link out occurs) that we are going to go with it.  See images below.