Trigger/Playback in Chrome Open New Tab

Jun 29, 2020

Hello, I have an eLearning where I have a trigger programmed so that the Learner click on a link and then a policy opens up for them to read.  Once they close out of the window, the next button is activated (actually, the next button activates upon the launch of the policy - but the Learner doesn't know that).  Then, they can move onto an acceptance of the policy.  This issue is that it reacts and plays as intended in IE.  However, in Chrome - the Learner clicks on the link and then a new browser tab in Chrome.  They can read the policy just fine, but when they close out the tab, the eLearning does not recognize that a new browser tab was opened and closed with the policy pdf.  The next button remains dormant.

Any ideas on how to address so it plays in Chrome?  I am using Storyline 2.

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