Shortcut keys to pause/resume audio on layers

Nov 26, 2019

Hi all – I need some assistance pausing and resuming audio on layers.

 I created triggers on the Master that allow non-mouse users to pause (down arrow) and resume (up arrow) audio. They work fine on most of my slides, and on the base layer of slides with multiple layers, but not on the additional layers. These slides are based on options in the Content Library. (Most on the Tabs choice of the Vision template and one on the Process choice of Journey). The additional layers are set to allow seeking and the player is set to allow the user to drag the seekbar. (The seekbar on the layer does allow pausing and resuming.) I have tried using the “pause/play media” and the “pause/resume timeline on this layer” triggers. Neither one works. I have several of these layered slides in a huge project so I really don’t want to turn this into multiple slides if I don’t have to. Thx in advance for any assistance you can provide.



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Ned Whiteley

Hi Freya,

When you set up the triggers to pause and play the media when the user presses the up and down arrow keys, you will see that they activate once the user has  clicked on the layer. If you do not first click on the layer nothing will happen.

I am not sure how you get round this without a mouse.  There must be a way and I am sure someone else will come back with the solution.

Freya Brannon

OK, with your help I think I have it. I can't set it up to be based on when they click or tab and enter on the tab object since that is on the base layer and not listed as a choice on the layer. My only options are the layer title, body or some object placed on the layer. So, I set up a trigger based on the layer title. They will have to tab and enter for JAWS to read the title and I can create a trigger that will work after they "click" on the title. I think I will have to set the properties to reset to initial state to ensure that it works if they go back to the slide. I'll play with it some more next week. I'm off to eat turkey. I hope you both have a great Thanksgiving and thx for your help.

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