Should I give up on the AS iPad app for mobile learning?

Apr 15, 2014

I've read a few posts which indicate problems running content on the AS mobile player app. My impetus to look was that having developed and tested (both on desktop and iPad) a huge (1800 slides over 17 items plus quiz content) knowledge base and happily given iPads to learners (after much persuasion of both the IT department and the budget holders), I am now in an increasingly desperate position.

Almost as soon as they started using it in earnest, learners started reporting content freezing. Infuriatingly, it's in different content items in different places for each learner. Invariably, when we try to recreate the fault on our iPads (minis) we can't. However, on further testing within the project team, we run aground in yet more different places. The poor learners can't get through the content and are understandably worried about falling behind with their learning. It's a massive distraction at the start of what is meant to be a flagship programme.

We have many more learners to use this content over the coming year. Should I give up on iPads and change the strategy to desktops? Losing the iPads would be a shame as obviously it makes the learning less mobile and robs of other benefits of these devices (taking photos and videos, sharing info via social networking, email, calendar flexibility etc.).

What other avenues can I look at. I'm staring down the barrel of complete failure, presently!

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Michael Hinze

If I were you, I would launch the programme with Flash-only, and once HTML5 support has become more robust, quietly add iPad/mobile device support later on. So, to answer your question "Should I give up on the AS iPad app for mobile learning?", I would say: "Don't give up completely. Shelf the idea for now and revisit it with every new Storyline update/version."

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