Should I start in powerpoint or storyline

Jun 11, 2014

If I am starting an elearning project from the begining without any prior powerpoint slides, should I still start it in powerpoint to get the layout or should I start it in storyline??

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Nicola Redfearn

Depends on the complexity of the course and who you are working with.  The last few courses that I did in Storyilne had lots of layers, animations, scenarios etc.  The SME and I did at least 6 drafts in PowerPoint, which was then sent out to several people to review and comment on before I even started building in Storyline.  I think working in PowerPoint first saves time in the long run for complex courses.  Especially where there is likely to be input from a lot of people.   When in the PowerPoint stage, you can focus on content and meeting the learning objectives, then when you move into Storyline you focus on the design and build and you don't waste time designing and building pages or functionality that ends up getting cut when the content is reviewed.  It's much easier to build a complex page once correctly the first time, than amend it several times.

(Obviously there is some overlap between the two stages you'll be thinking about design and layout during the PowerPoint stage, just not as much as the content).

Like Bruce said though, it depends how you work best.  If it works for you, work from paper draft, or straight into Storyline/

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