Should master slides look like this?

Jan 06, 2020

When I download a slide from the library into Storyline or Presenter it brings in the master slides, but only the placeholders (see attached).  Is this how it should work?

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Lauren Connelly


You're right! Something is missing!

Let's start with allowlist all of the websites listed here to access all of the features in Articulate 360. However, for fonts, graphics, and icon assets, the article lists these websites specifically: 





After this, go ahead and try adding a Content Library template! Let me know if you're still seeing just the text boxes.

Lauren Connelly

The step listed above is the first step to making sure the Content Library assets are accessible! From what you've said, it sounds like you can see the images! I apologize for any confusion.

There are two ways to access the templates from the Content Library. The first way is through the Articulate tab in Presenter 360 and through the Slides tab in Storyline 360. This includes all of the images, as well as the layout.

To apply the layout to a Slide  (without the images) then you'll go through New Slide or even Apply Layout. This is what you're currently using, which is why the images aren't showing up.

Let me know if you are having any issues!

Cortex Learn LMS

Thanks Lauren,

When I download the slide from the library I can see the main slide ok, this downloads with the images etc..  The system also downloads the additional slides in the slide master.  I was wondering if these should also have present images (like a Microsoft template would) or just the placeholders which is what I am seeing when I add a new slide from the New Slide option on both Storyline and PowerPoint.




Lauren Connelly

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