Master Slide doesn`t inheritate Text Format

Aug 07, 2018

Hi all,

I hope I haven´t overlooked something easy and obvious.

So, I have created a Master Slide with a few sub master slides. One sub master slide is called "Frage". This one is assigned to slide 1.2 as Layout. So if I change the Master Slide the specific slide should change as well. 

So actually the headline should be in white colour but it is black. Why?

The master slide has black colour, but the slide 1.2 has a white headline. I reassigned it several time, and changed everything. But always the master slide differs from the slide, that have assigned the master slide as layout.

Do you have a solution?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Thorsten.  Thanks so much for sharing your project.  Initially, I saw white text for your question title in slide view.  I checked the slide master, and I saw that you had that placeholder text box formatted for black.  I looked at the text, highlighted it, but didn't make any changes to it.  I closed the slide master view and returned to the slide.  Oddly, the text had become black on the slide.

I saved your project, and then I went back to the slide master to make the text red.  The change applied to the slide.  I changed it back to black, and I saved the project again.

I'm attaching the "modified" project.  I really didn't do anything different except touch those fields.  Can you open this version and tell me if the font color changes stick for you?

I'm still a little stumped about why this is happening, but I'd like to at least get you moving forward.

Thorsten H.

Thanks, Crystal for your efforts.

But I can´t use your file to proceed.

I delivered you an excerpt of my source file. Actually the file contains 350 slides and not just 3 slides. The file contains about 800 variables. So it is a lot of work changing every slide manually. I am slightly frustrated as trying several hours to fix it. Copying all slides to  a new one is not possible because of that.

The 350 slide are a result of an import of quiz questions via Excel file. I ask myself, what are the correct placeholders in layouts for the quiz-answers? Perhaps that`s the reason of this issue. When highlighting the answer box of an imported slide it is stated "Multiple choice". I can not even copy this box to another slide. It is stated "Multi choice can not be copied".

2 times Storyline was aborted without a notification of SL while working in the file.

Does it make sense to deliver it to your support-team?

Best regards,


Thorsten H.

I have deleted the lower text box in the layout of the slide master. Then on the slides the text was black on every of the 350 slides. I dont know why. Strange.

Not very satisfying not to know the reason. Strangely the text size was different on about 20 slides, I went through all 350 slides manually changing on about 20 slides the text size.

I imported these questions via excel-file and the slides have therefore been created automatically by SL3.

What placeholder box has to be used on layout for imported quiz-questions and there multiple choice answers? Just text boxes?

Crystal Horn

I can certainly understand your frustration, Thorsten.  And it isn't intuitive to remove a slide master element when all you've done is import questions from Excel.  I'm going to share this with the support team so they can dig in and determine if we have buggy behavior here.

Would you be able to share the original Excel file that you used to import the questions?  I like to give them all the pieces of the puzzle.  You can share it with me privately here.  Thanks!

Thorsten H.

Hi Crystal,

thanks. Support contacted me but they don`t understand my problem. Perhaps you can help them.

Additionally I am not able to change slide properties for all slides once and am not not able in general to reset layout. Raised a topic for discussion (

My guess is that the file is really broken. But would be an nightmare with 800 variables and about 1.600 triggers. Copying it to a new file would take one week of my vacation ;)

Thanks for your great support.


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