Storyline 360 Master Slides change text color when applied

Sep 16, 2019

We have been building a template for IDs to use across our Education department. We have only 1 set of master slide layouts and one named Theme, Fonts, and Colors all named the same.

When I create a new slide master layout based on the Master, which has a white font title and dark background, the new layout displays a blue color that we used at the beginning but later changed. Similarly, when I apply a master slide layout to a slide, a content text placeholder that is white in the master slide layout is black in the slide.

We need assistance with this. I've included attachments for both issues.

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Vincent Scoma

Hey Kris, 

Thank you for reaching out and providing those images! 

I apologize but I am a little unclear on what the issue is. It sounds like when you apply a Master Slide Layout to a slide it is using a previous Master Slide Layout version? 

If that is the case, you may want to look into the different Master Slide Layouts from the Master Slide View to see if there are previous versions still stored there.

We have a great guide that I think might be helpful here on this: Storyline 360: Slide Masters

Please let me know if you have any additional questions and if I am off base here! 

Kris Thayer

Hi Vincent,

The slide text placeholder elements are not transferring to the slide with the correct colors assigned in the master slide layouts.

I've attached the clean template with no slides for you to see for yourself. If you apply a layout that contains text, some will present with a color other than the actual master slide text color.



Lauren Connelly

Hi Kris,

Thanks for attaching the template! I see exactly what you're seeing. When adding a slide from the Slide Master it doesn't include the color of the text. The text is blue instead of white.

Our engineering team has noted this issue as a bug, so I'm going to include this case in the report. 

To clarify, did you create the slide masters in Storyline 3, or in PowerPoint and import them into Storyline 3? Also, are you finding this happens when creating a new slide master in a new project?

Lastly, which version of Storyline 3 are you on? 

Here's how to find out which version of Articulate Storyline you have installed:

  1. Open an existing Storyline project or create a new one.
  2. Go to the Help tab on the Storyline ribbon and click About Articulate Storyline.
  3. Find your version details on the screen that appears.
Kris Thayer


I created the slide master in the Storyline 360 version starting in July 2019, when we got our first company licenses. Have no idea which version it was at that point. There have been numerous updates since then.

Yes, something similar happens when I create a new slide layout from the Master. I have basically rebuilt the template yesterday since it was unacceptable behavior. I think the Theme might have gotten corrupt because when I started a new Theme based on the same color palette, it seems to be okay now. Also, I split out to 3 master slides based on the title font color. There was some inconsistencies on creating new layouts from those additional Master slides as well.

Vincent Scoma

Hey Kris,

Thank you for the added context as well as the sample course you provided! 

I am also seeing the same behavior when applying the Master Layout when I test the file provided. I am going to open up a case with our Support Engineers for additional insight here. We have seen similar behavior with Feedback Master slides, so I wanted to get a second opinion on this issue. 

You will be receiving an email from our Support Engineers and they can help troubleshoot this further!  

Lauren Connelly

Hello Afke!

This bug fix was released, so if you see this behavior in Storyline 360 (Build 3.52.25156.0), we'll be happy to work with you directly using a support case. Do you see this behavior in a specific project or multiple projects? Either way, you can choose to attach a .story file when submitting a case which will help us see what you're running into! After submitting a case, you'll hear from our team as soon as possible!