Should quizzes with grouped answers work??

Hi all!

I'm finishing up my first full module (yay!) with Storyline, and I have "knowledge check" type questions throughout (mostly of the Pick Many type). I don't think that part matters really, but when it comes to how the answers are selected, that is where I believe my problem is.

Basically, if I get the answer correct first, it works fine. But.....if I get it wrong and try again OR if I select/deselect any answer and change my mind, I never get the answer correct. I hope that makes sense!

Can you not use a Group as an answer in Storyline? For example, each of my groups on the Pick Many answers are a text box, picture, and shape. I can't "ungroup" because then every question will have like 9 answers. I think I've at least been looking at this too long! 

Thanks for any help/suggestions,


p.s. I'm including a screenshot of one of my questions here.

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